Final Work for the degree in Geography

Geographical Information Systems and Identification of Greenways for the Hydrographic Basin of Vala Real/Malpique – Montijo, Portugal

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Final Work for the degree in Geography [Licentiate]

Abstract: In Portugal begins to dialog, gradually, about Greenways as a contribution to a regional planning strategy inspired by the emerging paradigm of sustainability. The philosophy of the Greenways and its clear link to the Geographic Information Technologies, has been spreading among the scientific community and between technicians. Example is the seminar “Environmental challenges in the Expanding Urban World and the Role of Emerging Information Technologies “, held in Costa da Caparica, Portugal in 1997, and “Greenways in the Metropolitan Area of ​​Lisbon: a contribution to a sustainable regional and local planning” which took place in Lisbon in 2000. In 2001, the meetings have taken place “Greenways: a contribution to a policy of sustainable planning and management at regional and local” in Coimbra, and “Greenways, rediscover and enhance the territory”, in Porto.

The Greenways establish, by definition, linkages between areas of high concentration of ecological resources, and cultural landscape, promoting their protection and compatibility with human activity. The interest and topicality of the subject, as well as their connection to land management and new technologies, including Geographic Information Systems (GIS), were the main reasons that led us to choose this theme for the final project. In this context, the main objective of this work is to determine the preferred for the implementation of a network of Greenways in a suburban area of Lisbon (​the territory of Montijo – Pinhal Novo), using Geographic Information Systems. The development of the work includes, the theoretical framework that supports the notion of Greenway (Chapter I), the Portuguese legal framework relating to land use planning – in the broader sense of the term – (Chapter II) and display of GIS at tools for processing, management, visualization and analysis of georeferenced information (Chapter III). The area of ​​Real Vala / Vala of Malpique is characterized in terms of it’s physical and human appearances (Chapter IV) and this report derives the selection of variables and factors to incorporate in the spacial modeling. The proposed definition of a network of greenways resulting from the combined application in a GIS environment, the potential biophysical and human potential (Chapter V), the proposal for a green corridor for the rail road between Montijo and Palmela (Chapter VI) incorporates the intersection of the previous phase with the field work carried out, as well as the technical discussions held with the services of the Municipality (City Hall) of Montijo.

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