Master Thesis

Geographic Information Technologies and Environmental Monitoring in African Context

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Master Thesis

The dissertation is based on the idea that Geographic Information Technologies, especially Remote Sensing, Global Positioning System, Digital Cartography and Geographic Information Systems are currently irreplaceable in environmental monitoring and other areas with strong spatial connotation. When the monitoring and environmental protection takes place in developing countries, particularly African, there is generally insufficient or even lack of geographical information for projects completion.
Within this context, the use of shared information available on the Internet requires the following operations: identification of remote servers that provide relevant geographic information, quality assessment of this information, structuring information in multisource databases with consistency and completeness, identifying and applying advanced analysis techniques.

Centred on the idea and the actions listed, the dissertation is developed around a proposal of a spatial data infrastructure model, based on information shared on Internet portals as a response to a project related to the distribution of chimpanzees communities (Pan troglodytes verus) in the region of Guinea-Bissau and to its relationship with the local human communities. Geographic information inserted into the model is assembled in Geographic Information Systems in order to be viewed in Google Earth platform.

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